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Domaine Florence Méjan - Tavel / Lirac - Southern Rhône valley


Organic - biodynamic - vegan - Low sulphite - delicious wine

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The Domaine MEJAN-TAULIER, Tavel's first private cellar was created by Mr. Valéry TAULIER in 1920. Today, Florence MEJAN, her grand-daughter, assisted by an enthusiastic team continue to seek excellence for her Tavel and Lirac wines

The vineyard is up to 36 hectares of over 60 years old vines. The estate is certified organic by "Ecocert" since 2012. Even if not certified for that, Florence follows as well the biodynamic principles of viticulture to farm her vines.

Vineyard's variety of soils (rolled pebbles, Lauzes, Sands) give to Florence wines a unique character and a rich palette of aromatic Mediterranean ambiances.

Tavel vineyards : The cultivation of the vines in the Rhone Valley area and especially in Tavel, dates from the hegemony of the Roman Empire. Its terroir has always been conducive to viticulture and that's why it still flourishes nowadays .

In the Middle Ages, Tavel wines were particularly appreciated by the ecclesiastical community living in the Avignon famous "Palais des Papes". Then they transmitted the love of Tavel to both the French high nobility and royalty.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the new French bourgeoisie keen interest help the Tavel village to prosper and the eponymous wine to find a real place within the best French gastronomic houses catalog . 

In 1902, one of the first French agricultural defense unions was created there. In 1928, the winemakers gained a delimitation of the Tavel "appellation" and were certified AOC (Controlled Designation of Origin) in 1936, following the recent creation of the INAO.

Hence Tavel became the first AOC rosé wine in France.


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Tavel - Rosé wine - Southern Rhône valley

Lirac - Red wine - Southern Rhône valley



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