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Domaine Mariotti Bindi (Nicolas Mariotti) - Corsica


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All fulfillment begins with dream. The history of this area is living proof of it.

After studying law in Paris, Nicolas Mariotti Bindi decided to take a 180 degree turn and return back to Corsica to live his passion for the vine. Yet nothing predestined him to live such an adventure : "I'm not from the middle" he likes to call back. And yet, in 2007, he produces his first vintage!

With passion and above all perseverance, Nicolas is now installed in his cellar, in Oletta. He cultivates organic agriculture an area of ​​7 ha. Each parcel of vine is worked in such a way as to produce a singular wine, specific to its terroir. The vinification is natural, only SO² is used in limited doses and displayed on the label.

The vines are worked in the strict respect of the earth, the plowing is limited to the essentials in order to allow the ground to regenerate the winter and to prevent any form of erosion.

The harvest is manual and packaged in boxes of 500l to preserve the grapes from any crushing.

Its vintage Mursaglia Long Aging expresses a ripe Vermentinu with pronounced floral and mineral notes. The red Porcellese old vines is confirmed by fine and tasty tannins.


Our wine at Nfizz

Patrimonio - white "Cantina di Torra"


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