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Extra brut, brut, dry, what does dosage mean ?

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The addition of the “shipping” liquor immediately after disgorging is called "dosage": it is a mixture of reserve wines and very pure cane sugar. The amount of residual sugars in the bottled wine (natural sugars from the grapes + sugars possibly added) will determine the type of sparkling wine :


Brut nature

Brut nature, Zero or even Ultra Brut

No sugar added, and residual sugar
less than 3 g/l

Extra Brut

Extra Brut

Residual sugar less than 6 g/l



Residual sugar less than 12 g/l

Extra dry

Extra sec

Residual sugar between 12 and 17 gr/l



Residual sugar between 17 and 32 gr/l

Half dry

½ sec

Residual sugar between 32 and 50 gr/l



Residual sugar over 50g/l

What “liqueur de tirage” is ?

Every champagne and Cremant sparkling wines (using the “traditional method” way of production) are truly remarkable wines. It has humble beginnings as a still, neutral, table wine but through mass intervention and artistic touch sees the transformation into the ultimate toast of celebrations. The hallmark delicacy, finesse and complexity coupled with the delight of the all-important bubbles are achieved through winemaking processes.

Once a producer has assembled their desired blend from the myriad of base wines, they will now seek the magical sparkle. This is achieved by the addition of “liqueur de tirage” (sugar based) prior to bottling, for the second fermentation or other said “prise de mousse”.


What «  disgorging » means ?

The fermentation process happens within each individual bottle, and sediment is formed as a byproduct.

After they have rested quietly in the cellars at least 18 months (sometimes up to 5 years and even more longer), the bottles of champagne are gradually raised into a vertical position with their neck upside down so that any deposits progressively fall down to the mouth of the bottle. When this is the case, the bottles can be "disgorged", a process whereby the deposits are ejected by rapidly removing the cork. This operation obviously leaves a little space in the bottle and this has to be filled with a mixture of some equivalent reserve wine and "liqueur d'expedition" (“shipping” liqueur).


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