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VERDIE Monge Granon / Coté CAIRN - Crémant & Clairette de DIE - Vercors - France


organic - biodynamic - DEMETER - vegan - delicious sparkling wine - low alcohol


Verdie Monge Granon Winery 

Coté CAIRN vineyards



Originally two farms located within “Clairette de Die” vineyards, deeply involved in their cooperative. The first one, led by Vincent and Hembise, pioneers within Die area of organic cuvee, born more than 30 years ago.

The second one runs by Cyrille and Anne, buyers 10 years ago of one of the other organic pioneer vineyard, André BILLAUD.

All together, they initiated the first biodynamic cuvees, still to date the only DEMETER certified wines. 

In 2013, after 25 years of full engagement within the JAILLANCE cooperative structure, deeply disappointed by the strategy at the opposite of our values, we decided to leave and put into practice our convictions on our own. Thus “Côté Cairn” wine makers group was born, whose purposes are to retail sale and promote both organic wines and other fair trade products.

This group works now with VERDIE / Monge Granon winery to produce some of the finest Clairette de Die and Cremant de Die, 2 great biodynamic sparkling wines.



This is a mound of stones stacked over the time by shepherds and walkers to mark a mountain path.

The Cairn symbolizes our collective spirit and invites everyone to participate in its development ...

We want to demonstrate that producing organic is good for the consumer, good for the producer and good for the environment. And besides, “grapes” on the cake, we want to convince people that it is not necessarily bad for the wallet.

In addition, as Solidarity and Social Economy principles are very important to us, we aim to foster human links and the local employment, cooperation and collaboration, as well as the share of responsibilities between all of us. Eventually, the harvest, final period of the year, also becomes the best time for reunions, new encounters and festive sharing. The cairn is the symbol of what binds us all (wine growers, wine makers, companions of the vines and the winery, consumers, …).


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Clairette de Die - DEMETER

Crémant de Die - DEMETER



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